Contact us. In accordance with your wishes and needs, we shall advise you on what would be the most suitable for you and prepare an offer.

We wish to emphasize that we are undoubtedly live in an era of digital media and parcel shipments, where, with the exception of advertising flyers, the share of printed media is permanently shrinking. Our experience show that it is very important in marketing to be aware that printed and digital media do not exclude in any way but complement each other.

We can take care of suitable modeling of your printed media in whole from the beginning or we can just finish your formed basis.

Every printed media is not suitable for every printing office. We work with tried and tested printing offices in Slovenia and abroad. The most suitable and affordable printing office is chosen in accordance with the form of printed medium, number of copies and distribution area.

We mainly perform the transfer of unaddressed direct mail into household and company mailboxes in Slovenia, Europe and the Balkans; we also take care of partially addressed and addressed direct mail and transfer of all sorts of publications. The distribution in Slovenia is almost exclusively performed through Pošta Slovenije; abroad we use national postal operators and private distribution companies but mostly the combination of both.

About the company

At your service for 30 years

1992 counts as the beginning of our business, when we were the first to start with this activity in Slovenia as a student group. In the first two decades we performed distribution mainly through our own distribution network but in the last decade almost entirely through Pošta Slovenije. But it is different abroad. The distribution is performed through national postal operators or through reliable and tried private distributors or through the combination of both. It all depends on the country, selected area, quantity and also other parameters.


Work with us

In almost three decades of our operation, we can safely say that we performed our services for practically all companies that used printed media and the transfer of unaddressed parcels in the past years. Due to some bad experience with our clients in the past, because our competition massively tried to persuade them, we decided to send our references to clients on demand.

If you are interested in our references, we kindly ask you to contact us and we shall acquaint you with our clients and present you our projects. We certainly expect that you shall introduce yourself with correct company data.

Contact us

Contact us. In accordance with your wishes and needs, we shall advise you on what would be the most suitable for you and prepare an offer.

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